Butterfly Staxx 2?! – Hell Yeah! – Online Slots – Casumo – The Reel Story

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I didn’t know Butterfly Staxx 2 was on the horizon. What an awesome surprise. I loved the first game!

Bonus in use: 80% deposit match. 30x wagering (deposit + bonus). Deposit and bonus funds used 50/50 at all times.

The following games are played in this video:

Mystic Wheel
Haul of Hades: Super Spinner
Butterfly Staxx 2
Gods of Olympus
Yokozuna Clash
Pirages’ Plenty: Battle for Gold

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3 thoughts on “Butterfly Staxx 2?! – Hell Yeah! – Online Slots – Casumo – The Reel Story

  1. Does nick slots play with false money,as I have calculated how often he streams and his so called deposits,and it totals an astonishing amount,some thing doesn’t tally,he must be on good wages,or subsidies by the casino,he’s no normal joe public I know he’s deeply involved with casinos and started casino grounds with Kim (let’s give it a spin), I find it baffling that all these streamer have an unbelievable amount of huge wins,they especially nick slots has an embarrassing over dramatic response to his wins,

  2. Another good video. I was wondering what your opinion is on these events that can really screw with a person's mind, especially regular punters opposed to wealthy streamers/vloggers. It is the 4 times that I have seen a game malfunction that deprives the player of a lot of money. 1) There is a man who was on The One Show who played a frankie dettori type game and won over £1million and was then told a malfunction in the game meant he wasnt getting the money. The case is still ongoing in court as I haven't heard of a result yet, have you? 2) The Bandit played Final Countdown and the counter said he was getting a retrigger but it never happened due to a game malfunction. 3) Nickslots had a 1000x coin drop that should have given him £5000 but due to a malfunction he received £50. 4) One game provider was not deducting stakes but paying winnings out and so people were doing £100 spins and cashing out tens of thousands. WHO IS PROGRAMMING THESE DEFECTIVE GAMES AND WHO IS TESTING THEM? THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED AND REPLACED WITH PEOPLE WHO DO THE JOB PROPERLY. I find it strange that when there is a game malfunction they never seem to return losses to all the players who have lost playing a malfunctioning game. They just confiscate winnings. Does this not prove my theory that things are not as genuine as they are supposed to be?

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