[ENG version] Russia VS Belarus: Belorussians didn’t let Russians rob the bank.

Somebody believed, somebody had doubts, somebody knew, somebody even feared of it, but everyone wished to see it, and it happened! The two season IV favorites met again. This time at the finals of season V 2018/2019

Watch the special edition footage with additional cams set on every player.

Те, кто смотрел нашу прямую трансляцию из Финляндии знает, чем закончился Турнир. Внимание! спойлер! Россия и Беларусь набрали абсолютно одинаковое количество баллов по итогам всех игр. И только дуэль командиров помогла определить победителя – команду Сечень (Россия).

Those who watched the online broadcast knows the result of this match.
Russian and Belorussian teams earned the same number of points during the final round, and only the captains duel let the situation being solved.

This game’s showing perfectly how these two teams are even.
At the end of the round 2 head referee stopped the round by mistake before it actually ends, side ref reported that all teammates from the Belorussian “Bars” team are out.

However, as it turns right after the final siren, one of the Belorussian team members still was in the game, and the rematch decision has been made. “Sechen” team won this round again, by taking all the opponents out.

Too bad, but additional round is unavailable in the special edition set, but you may watch it at the recorded live stream on BA channels.


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